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Inland Empire Personal Injury

We Represent Personal Injury Victims Throughout the Inland Empire 

At the Law Office of Joseph Richards, P.C., our experienced and proficient Inland Empire personal injury attorney is a tireless, justice-focused advocate for injured victims and their families. If you or someone in your family was injured in an accident in California, we are here to help. To arrange a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with a top personal injury lawyer in the Inland Empire, please contact our legal team today.  

We Handle the Full Range of Personal Injury Claims in the Inland Empire

We are a full-service personal injury that fights tirelessly to help people who need support the most. We hold defendants and insurers to account. With law offices in Orange and Corona, we are well-placed to serve clients throughout the Inland Empire. Along with other types of claims, our Inland Empire personal injury lawyer has experience with: 

  • Automobile Accidents: Were you injured in a car wreck in the Inland Empire? You are far from alone. Our region sees thousands of accidents each year. Even the most attentive of drivers can still end up in a crash. Our Inland Empire car accident attorney handles all types of motor vehicle collisions, including distracted driving accidents, intoxicated driving accidents, and vehicle manufacturer defect claims. 
  • Tractor-Trailer Accidents: There are federal and state safety standards in place to help ensure that the big truck companies operate in a safe manner. Profits should not take precedence over public safety. When truckers and truck companies act in a negligent manner, they can be held accountable. Contact our Inland Empire truck accident lawyer for a free, no-obligation review of your case. 
  • Motorcycle Wrecks: Motorcyclists face some unique challenges when pursuing personal injury compensation. With the right experience to handle these claims, our Inland Empire motorcycle accident attorney is a dedicated advocate for justice. 
  • Pedestrian Injuries: The Inland Empire is not always as safe as it should be for pedestrians. While all motorists have the duty to take proper care, too many of them fail to do so. Our Inland Empire pedestrian injury lawyer advocates for victims—not insurance companies. Contact us today to set up a free review of your pedestrian accident claim. 
  • Slip and Falls: A slip and fall accident claim is a type of premises liability case. A business or property owner in the Inland Empire is not automatically liable for a slip and fall—but they can be held legally responsible if the accident happened due to their negligence.
  • Dog Bites: California is a strict liability jurisdiction for dog bites. If a dog bites an innocent person, a dog owner can generally be held liable for their medical care regardless of whether or not there is a finding of negligence. A victim may also pursue compensation for pain and suffering and other damages through a common-law negligence claim. 
  • Wrongful Death Claims: We represent grieving families in wrongful death claims in California. If your loved one was killed because of the carelessness, recklessness, or other improper conduct of another party, our Inland Empire wrongful death attorney can help you determine the best path forward. 

To hold a defendant—and its insurance provider—legally responsible for your damages, you must establish liability. In most personal injury claims in California, liability is based on negligence. A successful personal injury claim should be backed with supporting evidence. A proactive investigation by an Inland Empire personal injury attorney is essential. 

You Deserve Full Financial Compensation After a Serious Accident 

Under California state law, injured victims have a right to seek compensation for their actual and intangible damages. Indeed, the value of your personal injury claim will be based, in large part, on the extent of your losses. Unfortunately, it is often hard for people to get the full compensation that they deserve. Insurers try to resolve claims for less. They are looking for their best interests—not yours. With a commitment to results, our Inland Empire personal injury attorney fights tirelessly to help injured victims secure the full and fair financial compensation that they deserve. Your personal injury settlement or personal injury verdict may include money damages for: 

  • Emergency room treatment
  • Hospital bills and other medical bills 
  • Rehabilitative care and other ongoing support 
  • Loss of current and future earning power 
  • Pain and suffering & mental distress 
  • Permanent scarring or physical impairment
  • Wrongful death damages

How Inland Empire Personal Injury Lawyer Joseph E. Richards Helps His Clients Get Results 

Personal injury law is complicated. Defendants and insurers are more than willing to take advantage of the process to protect their own interests. Our founder Joseph E. Richards is a strong, aggressive advocate for victims. When you reach out to our Corona law office or our Orange office, you will have an opportunity to consult with an Inland Empire personal injury attorney who can: 

  • Hear your story, answer questions, and explain the personal injury claims process. 
  • Investigate your accident—gather the documents, records, and evidence you need. 
  • Complete the legal paperwork and represent you before the insurance company.
  • Develop a comprehensive strategy devoted to securing you and your family the best results. 

Set Up a Free Case Evaluation with an Inland Empire Personal Injury Attorney 

At the Law Office of Joseph Richards, P.C., our proficient Inland Empire personal injury lawyer is an aggressive, results-driven advocate for victims and their family members. Call today to speak with a talented Inland Empire personal injury attorney at the Law Office of Joseph Richards, P.C. at (888) 883-6588. Case evaluations are both no-cost and no-obligation.

From our offices in Corona and Orange, we serve communities throughout the Inland Empire, including Riverside, San Bernardino, Fontana, Ontario, Moreno Valley, and Rancho Cucamonga.  

Disclaimer: No outcome can be guaranteed in a personal injury claim. This website is for informational purposes and no attorney-client relationship has been created.

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