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Garden Grove Personal Injury

We Represent Personal Injury Victims in Garden Grove, CA

At the Law Office of Joseph Richards, P.C., our Garden Grove personal injury lawyer fights aggressively to fight for the legal rights and financial interests of the people who need protection the most. Big insurance companies must be held accountable. If you or someone close to you were severely injured in an accident, we may be able to help. To arrange your free, no-strings-attached initial consultation with a Garden Grove personal injury lawyer, please contact us today. 

An Overview of Personal Injury Claims We Handle in Garden Grove, California

Dealing with the aftermath of a serious accident can be daunting. It is normal to be stressed and confused by everything that is happening. With experience handling a wide range of personal injury matters, our Garden Grove personal injury lawyer will help you navigate the claims process. Some examples of cases that we frequently handle in Garden Grove, CA include: 

  • Car Accidents: Motor vehicle accidents are a top cause of serious injuries in Southern California. With extensive experience navigating the insurance claims process, our Garden Grove car accident attorney knows how to help people secure compensation after a crash. We have experience with distracted driving accidents, drunk driving accidents, and more. 
  • Tractor-Trailer Accidents: As commercial trucks are far larger than passenger cars, they are disproportionately likely to cause serious accidents. The big truck companies have legal duties under state and federal law—but too many fail to live up to them. Our Garden Grove truck accident lawyer holds negligent truckers and truck companies accountable. 
  • Motorcycle Accidents: Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that 80 percent of motorcycle accidents result in injuries to the biker. All motorcycle accident injuries require immediate medical attention. Our Garden Grove motorcycle accident attorney helps victims navigate the legal claims process. 
  • Pedestrian Collisions: The California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) reports that nearly 14,000 pedestrians are hurt in car crashes in the state each year. That comes out to 42 pedestrian injuries on average every single day. Too many motorists can consider pedestrian safety. Our Garden Grove pedestrian accident lawyer helps injured victims get justice. 
  • Slip and Fall Accident Claims: California law requires businesses and property owners to ensure premises are safe enough for customers and other guests. A negligent business or negligent property owner may be legally liable for a slip and fall accident. Our Garden Grove slip and fall accident attorney fights to help victims secure full financial compensation. 
  • Dog Bite Injury Claims: California is a strict liability state for dog bite injuries. A dog owner may be liable for an injured victim’s dog bite-related medical bills even without a finding of negligence. Dog bite victims may also have an additional common law claim to recover compensation for pain and suffering. Our Garden Grove dog bite injury attorney helps victims navigate the complexities of the law and the claims process. 
  • Work Injuries (Workers’ Comp): A Certified Legal Specialist in Workers’ Compensation Law, our founding attorney Joseph E. Richards has vast experience handling cases within the California workers’ comp system. If you were hurt on the job, contact an experienced Garden Grove workers’ comp lawyer for help. 
  • Wrongful Death Lawsuits: There is nothing more heartbreaking than losing a family member in an accident that could have been avoided. A wrongful death claim could be filed by the eligible surviving family members against the at-fault party. Our Garden Grove wrongful death attorney is a strong, compassionate advocate for grieving families. 

With limited exceptions, a personal injury claim in California is based on fault. To hold another party liable for an accident, a victim must be able to prove that the defendant’s negligence (failure to take due care) contributed to their injuries. Our Garden Grove, CA personal injury attorney helps gather and secure the evidence that they need to bring an effective legal claim. 

Recovering Compensation After an Accident

Were you hurt in a serious accident in Garden Grove? If so, you have the right to seek financial relief for the complete value of your economic and non-economic damages. California law holds that you have a right to put yourself back into the same position that you were in prior to the accident. However, even when liability is clear, insurance companies still make it hard for people to get fair compensation. With deep experience handling a wide range of claims, our Garden Grove personal injury lawyer is devoted to helping victims maximize their recovery. A settlement or verdict may include monetary damages for: 

  • Emergency room treatment
  • Hospital bills and other medical expenses
  • Ongoing and long-term rehabilitative care
  • Lost wages and loss of earning potential 
  • Pain and suffering & emotional/mental distress
  • Long-term disability or impairment
  • Wrongful death of a family member

How Garden Grove Personal Injury Lawyer Joseph E. Richards Helps Clients 

It is normal to be stressed out, overwhelmed, and confused after a serious accident. You do not have to go up against a big insurance company all alone. Our attorney Joseph E. Richards is a personal injury advocate. When you contact our law office, you will have a chance to speak to a Garden Grove personal injury attorney who can: 

  • Hear your story, answer questions, and explain your personal injury options.
  • Investigate the accident and your injuries—securing important evidence.
  • Guide you through the legal paperwork and insurance claims paperwork.
  • Represent you in personal injury settlement discussions.
  • Craft a truly personalized strategy with a mission to maximize your compensation.  

Set Up a Free Consultation with Our Garden Grove Personal Injury Lawyer 

At the Law Office of Joseph Richards, P.C., our Garden Grover personal injury attorney fights aggressively to help our clients get the best results. You deserve justice and full financial compensation. If you or your family member were injured in any type of accident, we are prepared to help. Get in touch with one of our Garden Grove personal injury lawyers at (888) 883-6588 for a free, no-obligation consultation. We represent injured victims in Garden Grove and throughout the surrounding region. 

Disclaimer: No outcome can be guaranteed in a personal injury claim. This website is for informational purposes and no attorney-client relationship has been created.

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